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Your Untapped Power

Some of what has happened to us, especially when we were young, was well outside our power to control. We didn’t go shopping for our genetic predisposition, our parents, our siblings or did we have a say about where we were born. We also didn’t have input into the first twelve years of our education nor did we have control of our financial station in life. We were powerless. Until, one day, we weren’t.

Unfortunately, many of us forget we are no longer the victim of circumstances beyond our control. We allow others to invade our boundaries, negate our well-being, stunt our development and thwart our dreams. However, most often, a second- or third-party isn’t involved at all; we do this to ourselves allowing boredom, distraction, stress, competition, foolhardiness, anger or fear to rule our heart, mind, body and soul. We forget tenemos el poder de elgir.

When in Argentina, last month, we were invited to join a private tour of El Descanoso Island. There we were guided throughout the breathtaking grounds of vegetation and flora, dotted here and there with sculptured works of art. Art that that was designed to inspire thought and fuel the imagination. And, as in this one, art to remind us of truth: Tenemos el poder de elgir.

Art to stir in us our dream unrealized or our destiny unfulfilled: Tenemos el poder de elgir.

Art to prompt us that it is ours to forgive, to heal, to liberate, to create and to restore:

Tenemos el poder de elgir.

Art to challenge us to build and leave a legacy of light that lives long beyond our years: Tenemos el poder de elgir.

Art to call upon us to be our very best self, every day: Tenemos el poder de elgir.

Tenemos el poder de elgir.. We have the power to choose.

I was moved, convicted and energized—my power renewed. Don’t leave yours untapped.

We have the power to choose.

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