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What You Can Bring

I love Thanksgiving but unfortunately, probably like some of you, we will host a slightly smaller gathering of family and friends. We’ll dine indoors and out and will take every practical precaution to gather safely. But this year, like always, our guests have asked, “What can I bring?” Oh! I’m so glad you asked.

Kids of all ages, just bring yourself. If you’re a rowdy five-year-old, we could use your energy. It’s been a drab year and if you could bring a side of Silly that would be great! If you’re a sulky teen who would rather be anywhere in the world than at Nana’s, that’s okay, too. Tuck away the phone, slouch in the chair and know this will all be over in a matter of hours. We love your rich Drama Soup and those fabulous little Eyerolls are simply amazing!

Ladies, I would love for you to bring your Amazing Grace Casserole. Filled with patience and good humor but sans a saucy judgmental spirit — the crowd goes wild. Everyone wants seconds, especially your parents and your in-laws. Thank you for bringing enough for leftovers, we need a steady diet of this.

Gents, you can bring an Edifying Salad filled with fresh topics for conversations that are positive and up-lifting. Whether our guests voted red or blue, we really don’t give a flip. We would be so grateful if you’d help steer our conversation to happy family memories, what series you’re watching on NetFlix, or what’s on sale at Amazon—anything but politics.

Grans, whether we’re hosting or not, we’re in charge of the main course which is a feast of discernment, unconditional love and joy. It is often the matriarch and patriarch of the family who set the tone for the day and ensures everyone feels welcomed at the table and valued for the person they are. This will be remembered long after they forget our sensational flaky piecrust.

Friends, let us not become immune to the tragedies we’ve watched play out this year; there will be a lot of empty chairs around family tables. Let’s all bring a decadent dessert of recognition that we are blessed beyond measure to be sitting in the company of those we love and to be a part of a perfectly imperfect family.

Everything else is just gravy (and I’ve got that covered).

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