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Not Missing Out

I miss this. Not a beautifully set table; I can set the table any day and most days I do. What I miss is a table filled with the smiling faces of those I love.

I miss the hearty laughter and good-natured ribbing that goes on between our adult kids and their others. I miss seeing their eyes light up when they walk in the house and smell something yummy wafting from the kitchen to the front door. And, I miss seeing them all together around this table because in my mind and heart they are a unit of one.

I miss seeing our friends leaning back in our dining room chairs, tummies full and hearts content. I miss hearing their unique views of current events and stories of their most recent travel adventures. Something very special is shared around this table with our friends—and it has nothing to do with what’s served on a plate.

You see, it’s not just food that’s consumed at this table nor am I the only one providing sustenance. Those sitting at my table feed my spirit. And, I’ve missed that.

We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year but it’s definitely a bit different. I’ll cater for our “goldens” who must stay home. We’re praying for sun as our doors will be thrown wide open with the second table set outside. But we’re doing this. We’re doing this because if ever we have a reason to gather together in a spirit of gratitude it is now. And I’m not going to miss an opportunity to responsibly and safely give thanks with those I love. Not this year.

Hopefully, not ever.

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