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Junk Food

It’s hot. People are rude. My heart can’t bear to hear one more tragic news report. Our politicians are idiots. Oh, and did I say . . . IT’S HOT!

This has been my diet for the past month. Wait, maybe six months. No. I’ve been consuming a steady diet of frustration, distress, heartbreak, and stupidity for years, now. (The heat is new—our 100+ degree days just started a couple of weeks ago. It only seems like years.) But you get the drift. I’m devouring the equivalent of poison.

What we allow ourselves to consume as a society, a community, a family, and as an individual has the power to eat away at our heart and mind as fast as a serving of Snuffer’s Chili Cheese Fries. Studies have proven that stress and negativity impacts our blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, cognitive brain function, and sleep patterns—even contributing to the growth of some cancers. Yet, we continue to stuff our minds and hearts with junk food.

So today I will stop gorging on the things that tear down and will spend this rather warm afternoon feasting on this:

I know far more people who are kind and good, than hateful. As a matter of fact, I don’t even personally KNOW a rude person. I will mourn with those who mourn but I will not live in a state of mourning. My purpose and mission cannot be fulfilled if I stay sad.

I will not whine about the heat but be grateful for the air conditioning in my home, in my car, where I shop, and my gym. I’m rarely exposed to anything over 80 degrees while many swelter as they work or in homes that lack A/C.

And, I will say a prayer for the idiots in charge. I pray that they ALL will be just a little bit smarter tomorrow and that they too, stop feasting on what is killing us.

Now. Let’s have lunch. I’m starving for something good. What about you?

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