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I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been a bit . . . distracted. I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to our newest family member, Annie.

This little girl came into our lives about six weeks ago and I can attest that our Goldendoodle has played absolute havoc with my schedule, primarily because I’ve allowed it—I’m obsessed. Not only is Annie cute, she’s intelligent, witty, and can play the piano. (Well, not really but I think she could if I gave her a few lessons.)

Although adorable, Annie has been a good reminder of how easily “an interrupter” — even one that is good (and did I say precious!?)— can create mental, physical and spiritual static in our lives. I’ve personally experienced how this low frequency hum derailed me from my purpose— that most important thing that I was put on earth to do.

As we enter the Holidays, it’s easy to become distracted with the trappings of the season—trees, decorating, parties, pageants and performances, baking, and gift giving. All good things, but distractions none the less.

Let us not allow these interrupters to create so much static in our minds, bodies and hearts that we fail to celebrate the most important thing, the purpose of the season: God, in the form of a babe, born for our salvation. The greatest gift ever given.

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