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I was sick. I was very sick. I had convinced myself that I had taken all the proper precautions and that I was immune. But I was wrong. I had no idea this disease was so contagious!

Even after consuming a healthy portion of gratitude (see last week’s post), I let my guard down and within minutes I caught a classic case of negativity. For about an hour I suffered terribly with chronic complaining, hacking hostility and jarring pangs of judgement. I’m worried that you may have been exposed, too. If so, this is what my Great Physician prescribed:

Do not turn away (although you may be tempted to do so) for loneliness can lead to self-pity which feeds a self-centered view causing this condition in others to fester and spread.*

Do not mask up for those suffering from this soul-eating condition need the warmth you radiate through your welcoming, cheer-filled smile.Breathe on them.

Breathe empathy to their plight, kindness to their outrage and love to their hate. You don’t need to agree with them to help promote their healing.

I have it on good authority that this other condition—the rare condition of hopefulness—can be more contagious than theirs if we stay prepared for an exchange with those who suffer negativity.

If you are blessed to have such a condition of the heart, spread your germs of hope this week. You might just save someone from unnecessary despair.

* The EDC (Ellen’s Disease Control) recommends that from time-to-time, you will need to refrain from prolonged exposure to those who suffer negativity or you’ll be tempted to choke the snot out of them.

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