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Celebrate Today

What an incredible day to celebrate! The heat index in Dallas currently stands at 109; my Writer and Composer Workshop that I was scheduled to attend this next week has been indefinitely postponed; my August summer fly fishing adventure sits in limbo; and, my October trip to the Amalfi Coast is definitely off. So why do I celebrate? Because I choose to.

Like many of you, I have made plans, cancelled them, re-planned events and adventures, only to cancel them all again due to the corona virus. It’s enough to make us crazy—if we let it. But, I’m not going to let it.

To combat our heat and high humidity today, I prepared a light lunch of smoked salmon. To kick up our heels (in spite of disappointments and the fact that this is “just” Saturday lunch) Steve opened a bottle of Runiart.

I could moan and complain over this situation but when I note that we’re NOT really all in this together, I pause. Some are in WAY DEEPER than I am. These are the ones who have lost their jobs; those whose businesses are on the brink of failure; families who sit hungry right now; and, the countless children who continue to endure abuse without a lifeline.

So, on this rather warm Saturday in July I won’t whine about the heat or my minor inconveniences brought about by this dilemma. Instead, I will lift up those whose needs dwarf my own and I will choose to be grateful.

I’m celebrating today. Anyone want to come over and join me? There’s more Champagne in the ‘fridge.

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