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At a Loss for Words

I’m working on my next book; this one, fiction. The process is as intellectually stimulating as it is emotionally draining. Any writer will tell you how easy it is to lose oneself to places afar and to people we have encountered if only in our dreams. For hours on end I am whisked away, enthralled by my other world. And then . . . there are those hours as I spent yesterday: frustratingly futile.

For the entire afternoon I struggled looking to strike the right tone in a pivotal conversation between two characters. I wrote and rewrote their exchange at least a dozen times trying to help one character communicate his hurt, frustration and disappointment with another but to do so in a manner that didn’t weaken the foundation of their relationship, leaving it to ruin. I searched for the words and tone that would honor his observations, feelings and truth without tromping all over her self-worth. As I wrestled with the exchange, my heart was reminded how just a few words can be the catalyst to healing and resolution or utter destruction. By the end of the day my character came to the same realization: encouraging words never fail to strengthen a relationship; condemnation never fails to dismantle one.

No spoiler alert as to the outcome of my characters dispute but I leave you with this truth that we all too often forget:

Kind words heal and help;

cutting words wound and maim.

—Proverbs 15:4

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