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An Important Public Announcement

Our country is dealing with some serious issues including one that has not made it to the news cycle: the impending demise of the Thanksgiving cheese ball. Friends, wake up! In less than 20 days people will be standing around your kitchen— starving because they hadn’t eaten all day—while you work to wrestle a 20-pound bird and 17 sides onto the table. Whether you voted red or blue, it matters not. We must turn our collective attention to the holiday appetizer less we fail as a nation (or at least as a hostess).. Time is of the essence. Start planning your cheese ball today and if at all possible, have some fun with it!

(Here’s my cheese ball circa 2015. The neck is a beef jerky stick and the head is a malted milk ball. I stuck the candy corn and eyes on with a paste made of flour, water and a drop of honey. Refrigerate for a few minutes to harden then stick it in your cheese ball. Hehehehe….)

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