Come sit and read with me

I want to share with you something I’ve learned. . .


The ONe Year Book of INspiration for girlfriends

If your life is as crazy as mine (and not-so-perfect) this one-year devotional is for you. If, however, you’ve got life all figured out, you’ll probably think I’m nuts and should read something far more “churchy”. Available at all bookstores and Amazon.


Spread too thin.

Many of us lead busy wonderful lives that are full and productive. But some of us are spiritually wrung-out because we’ve become over-extended mentally, emotionally and physically, If you’re ready to opt-out of frantic living this 90-day devotional might be the right read for you. Available at all bookstores and Amazon.


Lord, Have Mercy

While motherhood is often a hysterical ride of pure joy, it can also hold some of the most mind-numbing, heartbreaking and sacrificial moments of your life. I know because I’m a mother. This 90-day devotional offers help and hope to moms who could use a good laugh (and sometimes a good cry).