Life’s Door

The door was ajar, a sliver of light peeking through.
I knew it was my door
But wasn’t sure what to do.

So I quietly knocked, then a voice spoke quite clear
“Hey, Mike! Welcome home!
I’m so glad that you’re here.

 “I’ve been waiting for you—I set you a place;
Come sit at my table,
Look onto my face.

“You’ve heard your whole life, this is the best place to be.
All of this is now yours
Because you trusted me. 

“Up here there’s no trouble, no bills to be paid,
No yards that need mowing,
No chemo, no pain.

“That gal in Durant, the one that loves you so true
She’s missing you badly
But she’s gonna’ pull through.

“Like you, Ronnette knows that death has no sting
It’s not the end,
It’s the beginning of things!

“On earth folks will say they all knock at Death’s door.
But you knew the Truth,
That eternal life was in store.”

 So friends, do not grieve, I’ll see you again!
Just look for the Light
And we’ll welcome you in.

Ellen Miller