It Might Be Time

Most of the country will fast-forward their clocks tonight. One less precious hour of sleep. I hate when that happens.

Losing time is never good — whether its’ an hour, a day or the rest of our life. Every minute is a precious commodity and the great equalizer. We’re all running out of time.

 So maybe it’s time we stop worrying about anything and everything. God’s got it all worked out according to His will. Maybe it’s time we start believing that His ways are higher and all things work together for good.  

 Maybe it’s time to stop that negative chattering that goes on in our pretty little heads. Maybe it’s time to renew our confidence and start believing that we are indeed wonderfully made.

 Maybe it’s time we stop wishing we had more. Maybe it’s time we start recognizing the million little things that we’ve all been gifted but take for granted—starting with the next breath we take.

 Maybe it’s time we stop complaining about the weather, our work, our relatives, the traffic – whatever – that prevents us from rejoicing about all the things and people in our life that are wonderful and fail to go unnoticed.  Maybe it’s time we JUST STOP COMPLAINING.

 Maybe it’s time to stop holding on to a hurt and forgive in order to move on. Maybe it’s time to let go of that bitterness that robs us from the joy of this moment.

This is just a short list of how we often waste time. You probably have your own list. Your time, like mine, is finite. How do you want to spend it? I know how I want to spend mine. I'm springing forward to hope, gratitude, and grace.

Ellen Miller