The Art of "Know" and "No"

 What we say ‘’yes” to absolutely affects our success in life but equally important is what we refuse. Unfortunately, many people miss this fact because they look at the word “no” as negative; they feel deprived or feel they are depriving someone else. In reality the word “no” is empowering because it can keep us on our path to our final destination, whatever it might be. When we shift our paradigm of thinking from deprivation to empowerment, our goals become much easier to achieve. It’s really just this easy:

 Want to shed a few pounds? Say no to French fries and cookies and yes to that beautiful salad. You’re not depriving yourself. You’re gifting yourself good health.

 Want to have more money? You can’t have it and spend it at the same time.  Say no to shopping and yes to saving and investing.  You’re not depriving yourself of stuff. You’re rewarding yourself with financial stability.

 Want to have a more positive attitude? Say no to those nasty little voices inside your head and the temptation to gossip. You’re not depriving yourself of a dopamine hit of drama. You’re honoring yourself with peace of mind (and heart).

 Want that promotion?  Say no to office politics, complaining and short cuts. You’re not depriving yourself of being part of the “in” crowd.  You’re purposefully building a professional persona that will be recognized and rewarded.

 Want more joy in your life? Say no to caustic people, places and things. You’re not depriving yourself of relationships or experiences. You’re controlling the influencers and influences, instead of allowing them control over you.  

 But before you say “yes” or “no” to anything or anyone, you have to know what it is you really want. Do you know?

 Once you do, the rest is a piece of cake (or a carrot).

Ellen Miller