The Church Tube

When Steve and I travel abroad, we take mass transit when possible. In London, “The Tube” is the best way to get around and oftentimes you get to ride with angels. Come aboard with me and let’s go to church.

The Church Tube

I went to church in the subway today.
In London, it’s “The Tube”
That’s what they say.

It’s a fabulous place, with trains moving fast
Every minute or two
They come in with a blast.

People out, people in—like musical chairs,
Trading places and glances
Small spaces they share.

Different shapes, different colors, different languages spoke;
A concerto of humanity,
A song of pure hope.

A mother with child—her hijab concealed
Her hair, not her smile
As her baby boy squealed.

A young woman leaned in to make eyes with the baby;
A barrier broken,
A laugh shared between ladies.

As I looked at the people so different than me
I realized this is heaven
And what the angels might be!

God said, “Look around! You’ll see these faces again!
One day you’ll be joined
In the heavenly realm.”

I was sad when my station appeared, I must say,
‘Cause I just couldn’t believe
I “tubed” with angels today.

Ellen Miller