Our First

 When the kids are gone and your work is through,
Let me ask you,
Just what will you do? 

Will you look at the other, lovers no more?
Just passing strangers
With no promise in store?

You’re busy today growing kids and careers
But they’ll not be your focus
In your dearest of years. 

We know the pressure, the busy life hum,
But we want you to know just
What we have done. 

What we have done to build a marriage so right
And how you might too
See a future most bright. 

We laugh and we joke, there’s merriment here.
Even on dark days
We’ll find something to cheer. 

Our friends make us better, they’re role models you see.
They challenge us each day
To be the best we can be. 

I’ll tell you this secret: we’ve remained friends,
With hobbies and adventure
To that there’s no end.

Fly fishing, say “What?”! And he’ll go shopping for shoes?!
Yes, that’s how you bond—
You share and you choose. 

You choose to do things you might never have done
But you also choose grace
To win this race that you run. 

Grace we’ve been given by God up above,
We take not for granted
His forgiveness and love.

When grace is extended, you’ll let most things go;
Faults are dismissed
For most are petty, you know. 

“Grace starts at home”, my sweet hubby has said.
And here’s one other tip—
He brings me coffee in bed!

This day we do cherish with “happiness” tears,
As we toast to our first
Twenty-nine years.





Ellen Miller