The Snowshoe Church

I went to church as I snowshoed today,
Never ever expecting
To hear a message this way. 

The snow had fallen the long night before,
And I awoke to a world
That tickled my core!

So I strapped on my snowshoes and put on my glove,
I picked up my poles
And took off with a shove.

As I hiked the arroyo, the terrain now disguised
By glittering diamonds
What a precious surprise!

Then to my dismay, the snow was quite deep,
But as I looked down
My feet didn’t sink! 

And, although the incline was steep and foreboding
I climbed it with ease
Without even slowing.

It was then that I realized, God always provides
Just what we need,
And then some besides.

He said, “Note your shoes, they’re like Jesus, you see
Your weight is dispersed,
You traverse with ease.

“Each step is so light, because he carries your pain
You see there’s no reason
To struggle and strain.

“And those poles that you use to climb up that hill?
Why that’s the Holy Spirit
He’s part of my will.

“I gave him to you to stay rooted and sure
If you lean on his Spirit,
Your path is secure.

 “Those gloves on your hands, protecting and warm?
Well, yes, that is Me;
I shield you from storms.

“The three-in-one Spirit they’re yours, don’t forget.
God, Jesus and Helper
We paid off your debt.”

 My pre-paid provision— oh, was I amazed
To hear his promise so clearly
As I snow shoed today.

Ellen Miller