One day in retrospect the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful. —Sigmund Freud

I am a vessel that at first glance looks whole.
But what you can’t see — without really knowing me —
Is my brokenness. I have been shattered.

 The sad fact is this: I was wounded by an act of carelessness.
Poor judgment and unintended consequences fractured my clay.
It matters not if my demise was of my own making or at the hand of another.
The past cannot be undone. I exist as not a whole but two halves.

 For a while I questioned my usefulness. What good is a broken vessel?
With these cracks and my purpose in life completely shattered, I’m actually an embarrassment.
I don’t deserve to sit on this table, for what joy can I bring?

Then, one day, someone said, “Stop. Let me lend you a cup. I can take you apart, place the cup deep inside you and replace your broken half. 
You will fascinate and inspire others because you will not let your wounds stop you from being what you were designed to be: a delivery for God’s beauty in this world.”

 So, here I sit today.
Not defined or defeated by my brokenness but honoring it.
Doing what I was always intended to do.

Displaying the glory of God—cracks and all.  

Ellen Miller