The Mountain Church

I went to church on the mountain today,
My aisle a trodden path
Among pines that did sway.

I then felt God’s hand, gently brush back my bang
And that’s when I heard him
Call out my name.

“Child where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you.”
My eyes filled with tears and I cried,
“Oh, me, too!

“I thought you had left me because of my sin.”
“No, I’ve just been waiting for you
To let Me back in.

“Forgiveness is yours but first you must ask
And then all’s forgotten—
Those things from your past.  

“So you can today, my pardon accept.”
I then asked for mercy
And on my knees there, I wept.

The breeze stilled around me, then I looked to the air
As a raven caught flight
With no burden to bear.

Like the bird I felt freedom, but something much more.
Finally forgiving myself
My faith now could soar.

Newly committed, I now embraced a new way
Because I found grace
On the mountain today.

Ellen Miller