Questions From God

I know your situation looks impossible. I know you need a miracle. Shoot! On some days I know you’d be happy with me just putting a Band-aid on this thing because you’ve been dealing with this problem for a very, very long time. So, let’s you and me go for a hike in Kasha-Katuewe.

 See these mountains? Have you ever seen anything like this on earth? They’re pretty spectacular, aren’t they? But I didn’t create this marvel overnight. It took . . . t . . . i . . . m . . . e and a lot of grit.

So let me ask you. When you look upon these Tent Rocks, do you see the enormity of what I created at Kasha-Katuewe? Seeing this, do you think I’m the least bit intimidated by or unable to solve this challenge of yours? I can do some really cool stuff.

Like the creation of these wind-swept peaks, do you trust me to do the impossible? These mountains are CRAZY! I put them here to remind you that I’m still in the miracle business but some miracles take years. You might need to settle in for a long haul.

Can you say, and mean it, “thy will be done”?  I’m sure the blasting sand and torrential floods I used to create these mountainous wonders were uncomfortable, at best. Creatures perished as I designed these mountains but look at the testimony of my glory! Do you see how all things—especially difficult things—can work together for good?

 One last question: Are you okay that my miracle might look different than yours?

I’m just asking.

Ellen Miller