Questions From God

You probably didn’t see this coming.  Although it was outside of your control, I know you’re blaming yourself. Yes, there were things you could have done differently and some things you shouldn’t have done at all. But fretting about the past won’t address what’s happening today. My question to you is, where do you plan to ride from here?

 Will you continue to overcompensate by trying to fix things that you’re completely ill-equipped to fix?  Do you plan to just deal with the symptoms of this issue forever instead of getting down to the real root of the problem? You’ve tried every stinkin’ pony trick in the book to make this end according to your version of the rodeo. So, tell me Pilgrim, how’s that working for you?

 Until you let go of the death grip you have on those reins, I can’t steer. Or rather, I won’t. Funny thing about this concept called free will—it’s expensive; it will often cost you everything.

 So, when you’re ready to step down out of that saddle, I’ll take this horse to the barn for you. Trust me that I’ve ridden these trails before. I know you’re tired, so give me your hand and I’ll pull you up. Why don’t you try something new and ride behind me for a while?

 I’m just askin’—

Ellen Miller