The Church Wood

Sometimes our best and highest worship doesn’t take place in a chapel, a synagogue or a parish but in the most mundane moments of our day. More and more I find myself encountering God as I slug through crowded city streets, stroll through a lush green park—even as I visit with a clerk in the grocery store!

I’m in Santa Fe this week and want to share with you where I worshiped today. Please come join me.

I went to church in the wood today.
It was quiet and still
And I began to pray.

Oh Lord, my heart breaks, my world’s all a blur.
Why can’t things stay
For a while as they were?

My days of turmoil fear and distress
Melted like snowflakes with his words,
“Child, now rest.”

I wondered aloud, ‘After all of these years,
Does my faith often falter,
Do I cry needless tears?’

He whispered, “The ‘why’— you’re only human you see
If you had all the answers,
Would you ever seek Me?

“When you’re frightened and lost, when you can’t find your way
When you doubt that “I’ve got this”
Here’s what I say,

“Long before you knew of this problem ahead,
Before you were shaken,
Before all this dread

“I was working a miracle that you couldn’t see.
I have had it all solved
With this guarantee:

“I love you, I will keep you. You are my delight.
I’m with you each step
Both by day and by night.”

I breathed in the beauty and was at peace on my way.
And I praised Him for joining me
In the church wood today.

Ellen Miller