Another Storm

Steve and I arrived in Santa Fe last week and were in town to procure our “provisions" when we found ourselves driving around in a snowstorm. Having lived our entire lives in central Texas, we are not well-versed in this “style” of precipitation so needless to say we were completely dumbfound when “white-out conditions” struck (in about five minutes while we were shopping for produce. Lord, have mercy!)! Literally, the storm blew in from nowhere (or so we thought) and much to our chagrin we were ill prepared: No snow tires on the car. No hot cocoa in the pantry. No fuzzy warm, waterproof boots on my feet (shoes . . . I know . . . it’s always about footwear with me). 

 Although accidents dotted the narrow, curvy roads up to our house in the mountains, we arrived safely and with ample “fixins’” for chili, stew and soup to last us until at least the spring thaw. And it’s a good thing we did because overnight a second storm did indeed arrive dumping about six inches on our previous accumulation. We hadn’t even cleared the sidewalk or plowed the driveway and boom! Another storm hit!

 Isn’t this often the way of life?  One minute we’re happily shopping for avocados and the next we’re dealing with an unforeseen illness, a job loss, a breakup or a challenge with a kid. And sometimes, for some crazy reason, multiple storms rage at us, one right after the other. Yes. Regardless of how perfect our lives look on Facebook or Instagram, life, in reality, is often a series of unexpected disruptions. And it is so, by design, for our benefit.

 God never promised us a life where every day is 72 degrees and sunny. In fact, it’s when the wind of disappointment howls, the sting of loss hits you square in the face and the bitter cold of rejection is realized that we actively seek God’s warmth and protection. It is in the whiteout conditions of life —when we can’t see clearly— that we most often turn to him to guide us safely through the storm. Our relationship with him is often the dearest when the conditions of our life are completely out of our control.

 I hope as you close out 2018 and you look back on the storms that ravaged you or your family that you will see that he “had you covered”.  I hope you will remember the days you were shocked, frightened, disgruntled or disappointed and reflect on how his provision, his promise and his unfailing love was with you every step, regardless of how frightened, lost or lonely you might have felt. 

 So, how’s our weather a week later here in Santa Fe?  Well, another storm hit last night and we’re expecting snow for the next couple of days. But rather than stir around anxiously with cabin fever we’ll look for God in the wonder of this, as we do in the storms of life. And I’ll heat up another bowl of stew. God provides.

 Happy New Year!

Ellen Miller