What if we could see beyond the immediate challenge?

Overwhelmed by disappointment, anxiety, fear or sometimes just our daily frantic schedules we often tend to train our focus on the immediate obstacle in front of us rather than considering the beauty and promise that lies just beyond our situation. Not only can we not see the forest for the trees, we’re consumed by the shadows. We can’t see the light.

I’m familiar with this type of “impaired vision” because just like you, I lived a not-so-perfect, often-crazy life. However, I have learned to view all of the obstacles in my life as blessings. Looking back, I see the big picture now and that these challenges were ordained to bring me to a higher and better understanding of God’s love. Today, I’ve learned to watch for the miracles that occur along my way!

My books and blog chronicle many of my learnings and are written specifically for those who face the ordinary to the extra-ordinary challenges of life yet long to live and thrive in a state of outrageous, indescribable joy.

If this is you, we’re going to be great friends. Pull up a chair and let’s visit a while. You’re not as lost and alone in that forest as you think you are.