The important (and unimportant) stuff you might want to know:

What I love: Fulfilling my purpose – whatever that purpose is today.

Who I love: My husband, our kids, and our 5-year-old grand daughter (who calls me Sugar).

What I do: Market stuff and write books.

What I believe: Living an honorable life doesn’t happen unless we consciously seek it.

Where I live: 160 feet in the air in downtown Dallas.

What drives me batty: That our government leaders act like poorly behaved children.

Why I’m here: To encourage women to live each day intentionally, with uncommon joy.

What I want you to know: You’re not alone.

Saying More With Less
January 22nd, 2013

Dear Girlfriends,

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Hehehehe….we’ll see how well this works!

Getting to the point,

Out of Control
December 16th, 2012

Dear Girlfriends, We control nothing – yet everything that matters is within our control. To some of us this is not news. For others, it is a philosophy we struggle with day in and day out – if not downright reject. The power of the winds and seas cannot be harnessed or directed by our hands. For all of our …

Nine Words That Matter
August 31st, 2011

Dear Girlfriends, After reading Kathryn Stockett’s, The Help, my daughter Shauna, my mother-in-law Harriett and I scheduled a “girl date” to watch the story together on the big screen. Rarely do movies move me. I am a reader and prefer drinking in the words from a gifted author and becoming lost in their story as I add my own mental …

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